About us.

Techify AB is first and foremost a digital web and app development company that strives to innovate the digital space.

Our mission is to build digital products and services that are intuitive, powerful and accessible across all digital platforms. 

We offer a wide range of digital solutions, from custom website design and development, to mobile app creation, digital marketing and more. We use the latest technologies to ensure our projects are up-to-date with current digital trends, as well as optimized for performance.

Our team consists of experienced web developers, UX designers, digital marketers and project managers who all have extensive experience in digital product development. We understand the importance of staying competitive in the digital world and strive to provide our clients with innovative digital solutions that will help their businesses grow. 

At Techify we are also proud to be part of a diverse workplace that values inclusion, collaboration and creativity. We believe that by creating an environment that encourages open dialogue between co-workers, we can come up with unique solutions that ultimately lead to success. 

We are passionate about developing products and services that make a meaningful impact on the digital space – whether it’s improving user experiences or helping clients reach their goals faster. With Techify’s help you can trust your digital needs will be taken care of quickly, efficiently and effectively!

We are based in Gothenburg, Sweden so if you are in the neighbourhood and want to meet, don’t hesitate!

Sasan - porträtt

Hello. I am Sasan

Project Manager, Founder and CEO at Techify AB

Born and raised in Sweden and 34 years of age. I have a big passion for the digital world and its innovations and spend a lot of time researching and getting more knowledge in my area every single day! I try to learn something new everyday to widen my knowledge and to be ready for all challenges that will come our way.

I have many years of experience in managing different kind of IT projects, I recently worked as the Commercial Chief at Resia AB a big travel company here in Sweden but decided to chase my dreams and build a foundation that can inspire and transpire. I have a wonderful team of developers with a broad skillset, so we are ready for everything thrown our way and everyday is truly a blessing. Let’s build something exceptional together!